Know Yourself

March 29, 2022 Nancy Fredericks Season 2 Episode 34
Know Yourself
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Know Yourself is such a simple phrase, yet it is a power-packed one at the heart of any successful and respected leader. Getting lost in daily work is easy. What isn’t is stepping outside of your fast-paced rhythm of work to move into self-exploration, yet if you intend to generate a career with legs, nothing less will do. The journey is more complicated than one might suppose.  In this podcast, we drill into provable approaches that will lead to your being a self-aware leader ready to fully reap all the rewards for yourself. 

A must "listen to" podcast in my mind.  Taking on the tips discussed will add value to your leadership journey regardless of your aspirations. Check it out! 

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Speaker 1:

Hi, everyone. Welcome to thrive with Nancy. This podcast is for executive women who want more from their careers. Not more work. No, that's not what it's about. It's about more success with each. So you'll acquire usable tips that will serve you well in achieving your career dreams and aspirations. Are you ready for our podcast? Know yourself, such a simple phrase, and yet it is so power packed. It's one of those phrases is at the very heart of any successful or respected leader. If you think listening to this podcast, isn't worth your time. Please understand you are wrong. Getting lost in daily work is easy. What isn't is stepping outside of your fast paced rhythm work to move into self exploration. Yet, if you intend to generate, you know, a career with legs, nothing less will do. Why? Well, it's easy because research from Tasha uric found self-aware leaders are more confident and more creative, nothing wrong with that is there. And it gets even better. Listen to this. It turns out they make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. Is it any wonder companies are searching for self-aware senior lead years for their organizations? How do you stack up? Well, if you believe you Excel, you might want to recalibrate a bit. Uric found that only 10% to 15% hear that only 10 to 15% of the people in her. We're self aware, Hey, that's shocking. And while women came out with slightly higher self awareness scores, it isn't anything to brag about. These results make the topic. One that any executive woman who is committed to learning and growing thriving in her career has to explore to hammer this home. According to Korn ferry, international top financial performing companies tend to have employees with higher levels of self-awareness than those poorly performing companies do. So with these studies ringing in your ears, let's unpack the topic. You now recognize the benefits and realize you're probably not as self-aware as you thought, ready to jump in with both feet, perhaps straight away, you slate on your calendar, a long contemplating your Naval session, where you dig deep into self at your quiet getaway cabin. That may seem like common sense, but it isn't in truth. The primary roadblock to self-awareness is you and that of the big fat capital. Why? Oh, you, it turns out humans introspection more often than not include our own biases. You know, little things like, are you a tough grader? So you only see the unproductive undesirable in yourself, or do you lean more in the other direction where more often than not, you view yourself as a heroin of every storyline who never stumbles and perceives others as a chronic problem, or do you tightly clutch your already knowing ideas to the exclusion of concepts, contrary to your interpretation of the world, those who approach self-awareness exploration with any of these biases, which is most of us, since we all have bits and pieces of each of these viewpoints and more besides inside of us. So any of us who have approach self-awareness holding on to any of these biases have to understand you are assured to experience less satisfaction with your inaccurate sense of self than those who take some of the clues out of today's podcast. So isn't the at enticing to continue. This journey is more complicated than one might suppose. So let's drill into provable approaches that will lead your being a self-aware leader, ready to fully reap all the rewards for yourself. Career retrospection has three exploration considerations, the past, the present and the future. How do you explore these three seasons to get the most out of your time as you uncover the leader within, I must confess many of my clients consider launching their journey with the big why question. This is guaranteed to have you stuck in finger pointing blame attachment stories that rarely lead to the aha moments that will unlock your pathway to success. I far prefer starting out on the journey with what questions now, it's time to investigate your past through the lens of learning. These are some thoughts that I might have and seriously consider adding more for a deeper journey into self, but to start the process. How about what career activities am I proud of and want more of in my future? What are my strengths and what do I do, right? What lessons have I learned that have made me the person? I am soak yourself in the greatness of who you have been. And that is what generated your past success. What did you discover about yourself that you want to and intend to take into your present? Ready to move on to examining today? You have to know the position you hold right now was at one point, nothing more than a dream in your heart. Just like your dreaming about your future three years down the road or five years down the road, celebrate and own all your achievements and let's acknowledge your president is where the biggest leverage for your career expansion resides. Yes. On track leaders, take this to heart as they consciously and, and consistently put themselves in the flow of development for future growth. What's the first aspect of your present to evaluate it's. Do you know your comfort zone? Why do I ask that? Because it could be your Achilles heel that blocks your growth. You yes. I recognize this is often a well honed expertise or skill. That was why you were hired by your company in the first place. Yes, it has gained you career recognition and ACC claim. But the truth is that holding on to comfort expertise or skills may restrict your growth for your rise in the organization. Your comfort though, having you feel good about yourself may not be yours any longer and should be handed off to someone lower on the org chart. Instead of staying comfortable, the key to success is paying committed attention to skills, behaviors, and attitudes that are new to you and essential for your next level of success. Your future rests on how uncomfortable you can be in taking on the new challenges facing you. It necessitates both an inside out honesty with yourself balance with the external perception others have of you. You see self-awareness is a core competency for you having a bright future. It's about seeing yourself accurately. And it's about preparing yourself for the future. You, what do you intend to take on newly for your future? By what then will you begin the journey? Minimal forward movement occurs without a plan. What is your plan of action? Can you see how every development step you take requires identifying and following golden threads to your future? After all you don't wanna end up in a job, you can't stand or bores you to death. That happens when you let others design your career. Instead of taking hold of the range, yourself, top of mind always has to be having an eye on your tomorrow aspirations. As you work in the present vision is never intended to be static. You have to understand that, yes, it's a goal you're working toward and your future shifts to fit the new you as you grow, don't grasp your vision as though you year, if you don't hit the target, you're a loser that isn't the purpose of career strategy. Changing direction is what a thriving career is all about. I know we spent the bulk of this podcast focusing on your internal assessment. There is one additional tidbit worth noting. We've already established that as humans, we're rarely rational about ourselves, nor are our judgements without biases. What adds weight to your level of self-awareness is receiving feedback from people who have your best interest at heart. Have you cultivated a community of truth, tellers, such relationships guarantee your strategic directed career growth and adding weight to this information. Companies are more focused on profitability development issues than on an executive's individual growth trajectory. I know this sounds cynical. However, it is the reality of your business environment. This truth means your career. Future development is based primarily on what the company sees as their tomorrow needs, rather than the desire of your heart. And for them to partner with you along those lines, with this being in play, it certainly necessitates that you have a cadre of your own peeps interested in you and your future since self-awareness is crucial to your career future. Are you planning on reevaluating any of your practices? What are you choosing to employ moving forward? You see how flowing through your career past present, and future gives you a handle on who you are and who you wanna be. Are you prepared to know yourself at a whole new level to boost yourself to the career of your dreams? I know this may sound cocky, but I can't imagine you didn't receive value from this podcast. I'd appreciate that you pass it along to your friends and peers so they can benefit too. Thanks. I value you. Oh, and by the way, if you're looking for more help, I'd love for you to check out the, your strategic edge program. You can partner with me a truth teller who has aided thousands of men and women in unlocking secrets for expanding their careers. I can do this for you too. To together. We explore diverse ways to bring ability in the being for you to realize your professional aspirations, check out I'd be delighted to support you. Remember no one ever makes it to the top or even arrives at their next destination alone.